Precision engineering firm increases production levels thanks to MecWash washing system

14 March 2018


A need to increase the number of high precision engineered components cleaned at any one time, along with a demand for even greater cleanliness standards, led a Midlands based company to turn to MecWash for a solution.

Stourbridge Turning and Grinding Ltd (STAG) is a leader in its field when it comes to the production of CNC turned, machined and ground components for customers in the global hydraulics, automotive, construction, industrial vehicle and agricultural sectors.

But as the Stourbridge based company increased production by 30% to cater for demand, the need to wash the final components in greater numbers and to even higher standards also increased.

Having seen the MecWash aqueous cleaning and degreasing systems in use at a number of customer locations, STAG director, Phil Pargeter, knew the proven technology was what his company needed to meet its requirements and those of its customers.

“Our production levels were rising but we were unable to increase the number of components we could wash at any one time. On top of this, the expectations from our customers was for increased levels of cleanliness – something that is mirrored throughout the engineering world as technology and capabilities evolve,” said Mr Pargeter.

“I’d seen the MecWash system in use and had been impressed not only by the high levels of cleanliness, but the quantities that could be cleaned while surpassing the existing cleanliness levels. That was vitally important for us.”

Products that would need to go through the cleaning process included dry hydraulic and pneumatic turnings in hard chrome, EN8, EN16, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and mild steel.

Such high precision components must be cleaned to exacting standards before they leave for the customer.

Working with MecWash sales manager, Paul Jarratt, the Duo 400 system was identified as the perfect fit not only in terms of STAG’s quantity and cleanliness requirements, but also in terms of being fitted and commissioned into the existing washing area within the company’s production facility.

“It was clear from the start that STAG had some big demands. The last thing the company wanted was to increase production of the components only to be unable to wash them in greater quantities, as would have happened with their old cleaning system,” said Mr Jarratt.

“Our aqueous component cleaning system is capable of delivering the quantities and cleanliness standards required. In fact, it will exceed them, allowing for further growth in future production and quality standards.”

“The MecWash Duo 400 combines a powerful flood and spray wash with a spray rinse and hot air dry. The drum is capable of taking a range of baskets which have been designed to cover the parts manufactured by STAG.

“The compact size of the Duo fitted neatly into the area designated for cleaning and with the specially designed conveyor system made the cleaning operation very efficient.”

The company was not only able to increase production as a result but was able to demonstrate to its customers it had the capability to surpass the exacting cleanliness standards they required.

More details about the MecWash Duo 400 and other aqueous washing systems designed and manufactured by the company can be found at



Turned Parts Specialist STAG has made further investments in its CNC turning capacity along with adding High Technology Optical Equipment to its metrology department.


The latest machine tool investments, a STAR Sr20RIII Sliding Head machine and a Miyano ABX 64 th3 fixed head machine, take the Company’s installed base of CNC turning centres to 17.

Miyano ABX 64th3 with Iemca Master 880 barfeed   Miyano ABX64th3 Turrets


A new Vision system from Jenoptik has been sourced to enhance the Metrology department capabilities increasing accuracy and consistency of measurement.


Stag Quality Director, Phil Pargeter, explains the reasoning behind the choice of Metrology Investment.


“Our previous machine quickly showed the problems associated with cylindrical part measurement.Over numerous years it failed to meet manufacturers claimed accuracy when measuring round parts and has proven a very expensive mistake.


Customers both in Europe and the Uk were confidently using Jenoptik Hommel Machines. After invitations by customers we were able to verify results measured on various Hommel machines and were astonished with the results. Sub-micron accuracy along with incredible speed of measurement.

We needed a Hommel !

Metrology Direct in the Uk provided a new C203 machine in late July along with training, within days we were programming and confidently measuring parts, a testament to both Metrology Direct and Jenoptik.”


Jenoptik Hommel C203    Jenoptik Hommel C203 example measuring features




 In order to be competitive in Hydraulic Spool Manufacture Stag have invested in a new Star SW 20 multi axis sliding head lathe.

The machine has two opposed tool platens which enables the machine to perform balance turning and milling operations.

The Fanuc 31i control allows high speed production and very much improved accuracy for up to 5 axis simultaneous machining.

An 8 station rear facing tool post with driven stations, coupled with a sub spindle supporting X,Z and C axes, allow the machine to produce extremely complex features whilst still being overlapped.The benefits of these additional tooling positions enables STAG to produce complex mill turned spools in lightening fast cycle times compared to previous models.






In order to speed first-off inspection, monitoring of production and to automatically collate inspection reports and statistical process data, STAG has Purchased a Smartscope CNC 500 Large Format Multi Sensor Measuring Machine with fully integrated touch probe.

The CNC 500 has a measuring envelope of 500 mm by 400 mm by 200 mm and combines a Renishaw touch probe, CCD high-resolution colour camera and programmable light source giving up to 256 times magnification. This is particularly useful in the management of edge Burrs and sharp edges, critical in so many modern applications.

Useful further attachments are a rotary indexer enabling dimensions to be automatically measured such as cross holes and milled features .a Renishaw probe for critical bore features and a full statistics data package for measurement reports.

Stag’s investment programme has seen its capacity increased to 64 mm dia bar size for mill/turning with the purchase of a Miyano ABX 64th2, and two further Star sliding head machines, totalling 11 Star, plus 1 Citizen, 1 Miyano and 3 Daewoo fixed head machines.

The company has also invested in a fully computerised Management and Scheduling Software package from Prospect Systems, which has brought significant advantages in data collection from the shop floor.



New Star Sliding Head Lathes installed.

New lathes at STAG LtdStourbridge Turning and Grinding Ltd continue to invest heavily in new plant to improve efficiency helping them to remain competitive and win new business.

Over the last four years STAG have installed several multi-axis sliding headstock lathes from Star Micronics.

"Sliders are 40% more productive than fixed head lathes" explained Giles Pargeter of STAG. "They can be set up quickly and are able to produce parts in one visit to the machine, eliminating manual second operations".

Mr Pargeter predicts that machine tools will become progressively faster and more capable, lessening the advantage of manufacturers in low wage economies. It is only by investing in new technology that STAG can remain competitive and continue to grow its business.

"STAG are comitted to continuing investment in new equipment to ensure that our customers are getting the best quality and value available" said Mr Pargeter.